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 We read to know we are not alone”   C.S. Lewis

Mission Statement

             The mission of the Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee Cybrary Media Center is to provide an environment where students can explore ideas and information to become critical thinkers.  The Cybrary Media Center will be committed to providing access to quality resources that will support the curriculum and assist in developing learning strategies to meet the needs of the students.


Our Cybrary Media Center


The Cybrary Media Center is a spacious vibrant room that can accommodate large groups as well as separate areas for quiet reading and study. It is staffed with a full time school librarian and it has the benefit of a cybrary committee to meet the needs of the school.  The cybrary media center is a full circulating cybrary that holds approximately 3500 titles at this time.  Our collection contains a variety of resources in different formats to meet student and curriculum needs. Cybrary classes are held every school day as a “Special” and students are taught information problem solving strategies of locating, selecting, analyzing, sharing and evaluating information.  We work with the Milwaukee Public Library as a community partner to expand access to resources for our students.  Students are involved in an array of literacy activities to accelerate classroom learning.  Various fun programs are planned throughout the year to accommodate all student interest.




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